as always, this american life delivers when needed. i'm very much enjoying the re-airing of this original podcast from 1997 on what happens when people with one common interest gather in large number.

"the fact is, when people are together with others of their own kind,
they act differently. . . . 

you're so focused into this one aspect of your life that you do
sort of become . . . you become that facet of your life."

endeavoring to be who i am and to be multifaceted,


(my photo, from my flickr.)



tonight i am rediscovering corners of the house that are too rarely frequented, like this one by the piano playing softly, lit by an old lantern that hasn't burned in years.

i want to make the most. live the most. not waste anything.

what of life's corners am i also missing? what are you slowing down to learn lately?

(photo taken with instagram.)



what a stage hosting the super bowl has turned out to be for indianapolis! one of our proudest projects completed for the event, noted here in the NYT, was the 46 for XLVI mural project by the arts council of indianapolis, and it has been a great example of how the arts are really growing our city. lucky us that these pieces will get to stay with us long after all of the fans and tourists have gone home.

perhaps you should visit us and all of this wonder soon, too?

(pictures from the arts council of indianapolis website.)



my good pal emily is the 100% juice behind today's letters. i am honored to get a space on her blog for the month of february and very thankful for the unique way she shares her life with the world. check it out!

 we love you, loerkes!



i'm on a bit of a chai kick lately. it's been unseasonably warm in indiana this winter, but the dreary look of things outdoors still requires a little spice.

here is the recipe i've been enjoying so much lately. it's different in that you simmer the tea and spices longer than most recipes would have you, creating in the end a somewhat thicker flavor (which is right up my alley).

i played with the sugar a little, used fresh ginger, and made sure to add cardamom, too. so much for mid-winter blues!

(photo taken with instagram.)